Game History in 3 Minutes (Pt1): Sportsbook Software

Game History

Game. What do you imagine when you hear that word? For some, games are an opportunity to relax and unwind, for some, they become a way to earn money, and for some, it’s a favorite hobby. Shooters on a modern console, or preference at the summer house with the company? Or maybe games for children or for adults? Or for those who want to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work? By and large, all games are games. But still, there are some differences. Some games require the player agility, reaction time, and wit, others – the ability to think logically, others – luck.

When you and your friends get together for board games, you hardly remember the Egyptians, who drew the playing field on the ground and rolled beans instead of dice. However, it is this historical fact that forms the basis of one of the best board games in the world. Spending time playing on your phone, you think about how much fun it is to be the first to offer a friend to find out which hand is in which pebble. Online games and big franchises now bring people all over the world together. Many companies are releasing open-world games so that users can explore the cities they like and interact with other people.  Once upon a time, the whole planet went crazy over chess. And a long time ago, different nations didn’t have common games, but everyone played them anyway. The details are different, but the structure is the same – because the Game is a fundamental quality of human culture. We hope that you will bring this culture to your venues as well via casino games API integrating.

In 3 minutes we won’t tell you about all the Games in History, but we’ll try to bring up important and exciting stuff, and there will be other stories. We provide a variety of games to integrate into your site. Fish games and more, contact us if you are interested.

Casino Games API: But What was There at First?

Let’s start with those very ancient games, which were so long ago that no one except archaeologists and enthusiasts can remember them or their rules.  The most famous of these is the Royal Game from the city of Ur, also known as the Game of Twenty Squares. This was first found in a royal burial in Mesopotamia. The game was not only for kings, because it was discovered not only in the form of a luxury set but in the form of graffiti – which means that even a lowly non-wealthy person could play it. You don’t need a lot of money to integrate games into your site nowadays too – just contact us in case you are in the iGaming Business. 

Explorers have found a game of twenty-four squares all over the fringes of the ancient world. The same way you can now run your gambling business all over the world, we can help you with that! In antiquity, the square steps could be regarded as messages from the gods. Then backgammon began to replace the Royal Game of Ur. 

Internet Café Gaming Software: Forerunners

Let’s go to Ancient Egypt. We know quite a few Egyptian board games from the names, images, and even the sets themselves, which were found by archaeologists. The games are very similar to modern ones, with fields and boxes for dice and chips. For example, here is a game with chips in the shape of hound and jackal heads, and a board in the shape of a hippopotamus. But how to play – we can only guess. 

We know more about meanings than rules. For instance, the game of Senet represented a journey to the afterlife. The Egyptian Book of the Dead promises the lucky players the best conditions in the afterlife. This is why boards for the Senet are often found in tombs. Our company, on the other hand, can provide the best conditions for your players still in this world. If you need game software for a land-based club, for your website, or an application – you know who to talk to.

Mehen Game: Conclusion

The game of Mehen had a field in the form of a snake, sometimes with the head of a goose. Archaeologists have found a snake board without squares, which was impossible to play on. Apparently, it was used for rituals. It was also used for fortune-telling, just as we can guess on playing cards now. The game from a mundane matter has also become sacred.
In the next article, we will move to America and continue to talk about the history of games. Stay tuned and know that if you are interested not only in the history of games but in the business itself, then contact us.