Game History in 3 Minutes (Pt2): Casino Software

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Last time we covered the games of Ancient Egypt. If you haven’t read the previous part, I suggest you check it out. Sometimes it seems that all life is a war for money and luck, but in fact, it is not. Occasionally you need to take time for history, for culture. The history of the Games is what I wanted to talk about all along. And if in addition to the history of games you are also interested in slots on your site, casino software – contact us, we have a great range of options.

Patolli and Turnkey Casino: But what’s the bond?

Let’s go back to pre-Columbian America. One of the oldest games on the continent. One of the oldest games on the continent. It was very widespread, both Maya and Aztecs played it. Both commoners and aristocrats gambled with it. For example, Emperor Montezuma the Second loved to watch the Patolli game. The Aztecs believed that each game was watched over by Xochipilli, the god of art, pleasure, and beauty. They asked him for luck. The stakes could be not only material values (boiled corn, jade beads), but also one’s own freedom and life.

The Spanish conquistadors banned the game precisely because of such barbaric habits. If you want to take bets from other people, you can hardly take life as a bet today. But you can use cryptocurrencies, dollars, euros, pesos, and more. Our turnkey casino offer includes advanced payment systems, it all depends on the region where you want to operate.

Scandinavia and Slot Machine Software

Let’s head over to Scandinavia, home of a powerful but long-forgotten tradition. Tafl is a game of real Vikings. Tafl is a game of real Vikings. It is based on a castle siege in which there are fewer defenders than attackers. Archaeologists find playing fields for Tafl where the Scandinavians sailed. From Iceland and Ireland to Russia. When the Vikings learned about chess, the Tafl was forsaken. The great scholar Carl Linnaeus reconstructed the rules of the game during his voyage to Lapland. According to the plot of this game, the Swedes fought the Muscovites.

Many ancient games have come down to us not as a reenactment, but as a living tradition. Our portfolio of game solutions includes many plots from Scandinavian origins. Slot machine software must constantly impress the player to pay more and more.

Games will always be played

Many games are so old, but they are still played today. For example, The Mancala games, also known as the game of beans. There are holes on the board, and the process imitates the work of a farmer. Mancala is one of the oldest games, also one of the most common – the origins in Ancient Egypt, the boards were found in Syria and Ghana. It is also played by the Arabs (the word itself comes from Arabic) and the inhabitants of the Caribbean. And in the U.S. this game is also the best-selling, the greatest commercial success – no surprise. Do you know what else has a precarious commercial success? Our turnkey casino options.

The real surprise will be the next game. The Chinese game Weiqi is first mentioned 2,500 years ago, but it is likely even older and still being gambled on! Allegedly, the Chinese emperor Yao taught his son through this game of concentration. Like many things in China, the game is fondly attributed to Confucius, but it seems that the sage himself was not very fond of this pastime. Later the game became one of the 4 noble arts of China, along with calligraphy, music, and painting. Asians have their own perception of the world, and even for them, we have slot machines that will fascinate them more than Weiqi.

Another interesting medieval Chinese game is dominoes. Such a name appeared in Europe when it reached there. Now for all operators, we offer the connection of live games to their website or app. The games from our partner Evolution Gaming become very well known. Craps, Bac Bo, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack. We can integrate a lot of gaming solutions to your site from a variety of providers. That’s all for today’s gaming history, but we’ll come back to this topic later in the next part, stay tuned.