Imperium-Games is a company providing innovative gambling software. We help gambling institutions and operators make their business more efficient by using the latest technology platform to enhance the player experience and enjoyment.

IG is an international company that is a global leader in entertainment technology.

Our extensive experience gives us the ability to create unique projects that are unparalleled in the market. We strive to become the best in our field and in this regard we invite you to join our professional and friendly team of Imperium Games – a young company developing gaming products. Our main interests lie in creating online casinos and online entertainment systems. Our goal is to create the most innovative and functional gaming products.

The history of the company dates back to 2014. Imperium-Games provides online casino slot machines to bring luck to players. Our software provides a wide range of games. These games are designed to provide players with gambling and fun. We offer a large selection of games that will not disappoint any player. Slot machines, live dealer games, poker, and many other games are available in our software packages.


We help clients start and expand their businesses and provide support during and after project development. In our Facebook group, we post useful articles for aspiring entrepreneurs, announcements of free and paid events, checklists, and reviews of interesting software products and their developers.

We create innovative products that meet the ever-changing needs of players and empower them to get the best possible results.

Today, we are creating something that will drive the industry, and every member of iGaming should feel this as they work in the industry. We believe we can create a future – a world where users can choose what services they need and the iGaming industry is allowed to grow as one.

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Imperium-Games is a team of visionaries who share a passion for gambling. We love to gamble and to bet.

We develop our online games of different formats as well as promote gaming projects on the world market. We have an ambitious goal to become number one in Latin America shortly.

Is the casino application just for you?

We work with many operators, but each one has its approach, and many conditions will depend on the region in which you operate. Our platform is built so that you can access your favourite games anytime, anywhere. You can customise it the way you want, and we have created a special “Sports and Casino” mode with many new features for you. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email. We always try to help any gambler.


Our passion and energy make us hungry for more. We want to grow and develop, to go only forward and upwards, so we have many goals for the near future and the future. And we are on the lookout for professionals who know, as we do, that it is profitable to work with us.


Creativity is at the heart of our business. We do what we like to do, and we do it well. In our business, you have to do things that will bring results. And those results will always be better than those of your competitor. This is the law of competition.


Customers know what they want, and we give it to them. If you don’t have a business that works better than your competitor, you can try something else. We try to offer practical solutions that you can use to improve your gambling house performance.


When life throws up new challenges, we learn how to cope, and when it becomes unbearable, we smile to remember what once made us work.