Imperium-Games provides its customers with high-quality software for video lottery terminals. This enables the company to provide high-quality support and professional service, including maintenance and repair of terminals. Services include software upgrades, software usage advice, and technical advice. A terminal is a computer device connected to the Internet, one or two monitors, a currency validator, a dispenser, a printer, and a magnetic card reader (RFID). Terminals can connect to a computer via RS-232 serial port, Ethernet, wireless (Wi-Fi), wired interface, and some terminals can run on battery power. The terminal can be used as a stand-alone terminal or as part of an automated system.

VLTs – player

The first type of software is Player lottery terminal software, which has been designed for direct play on the terminal itself. This type of software has many advantages, such as control over the game and winnings. Players have access to over 800 game slots, quick betting games, and the Imperium- Bet sportsbook, bonuses, and jackpots. Choose your currency: US dollars, euros, and roubles, select 1 or 5 lines and click Play. The game allows you to try your luck at sports matches, with real bets.

VLTs – cashier

The software – cashier allows the gamer to register, get a login and password, and a link to enter the game via a mobile device or personal computer. Once these steps have been completed, the game begins. With the software, gamers can play any of the featured games that are available on the website. The gamer has full access to the games and can customize the interface according to their preferences. The software has all the features of a standard game shop.

VLTs for Sale

As a true omnichannel supplier, we can supply server gaming systems designed for betting shops, online casino terminals, and retail shops. We can offer a wide range of devices: from servers for standalone workstations to multi-user server systems based on the most powerful processors with support for multiple graphics adapters. This means our company can build servers to individual specifications, tailored to specific customer requirements.

Turnkey Sweepstakes Systems

You can easily view profit/loss information, manage revenues, control costs, provide discounts and collect data on all operators and customers. You can set up your own rules to restrict or deny access to certain games, persons, and services. It’s the perfect tool to manage all aspects of your gaming business.

We offer our customers a wide range of games, including all types of table games, video slots, classic casino games, and mobile games. Our staff is always on hand to provide the necessary help and support, both with the system as well as juridical issues. Contact us.

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