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How to Start a White Label Casino?


Do you want to start White Label Casino as soon as possible? We can help you do just that. Our company will provide you with everything you need to create a White Label Casino through one simple system. White Label Casino is no different from a regular online casino. Your website will have a logo […]

Game History in 3 Minutes(Pt3): Gaming API


Last time we had time to tell you about the games that have entertained people around the world since antiquity to this day. Just like our casino software entertains people all over the globe now. If you haven’t read the last part, we invite you to do so right now. We covered the Chinese games, […]

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Game History in 3 Minutes (Pt2): Casino Software


Last time we covered the games of Ancient Egypt. If you haven’t read the previous part, I suggest you check it out. Sometimes it seems that all life is a war for money and luck, but in fact, it is not. Occasionally you need to take time for history, for culture. The history of the […]

Game History

Game History in 3 Minutes (Pt1): Sportsbook Software


Game. What do you imagine when you hear that word? For some, games are an opportunity to relax and unwind, for some, they become a way to earn money, and for some, it’s a favorite hobby. Shooters on a modern console, or preference at the summer house with the company? Or maybe games for children […]

Kiosk Gambling Software: Lottery Solution


Recently, kiosks with gambling software have become very popular all over the world. At a rough guess, we can assume that the trend is about 30 years old, which is a trifle on the scale of world history. Such a slot machine can be anywhere. Casino, movie theater, snack bar, I would not be surprised […]

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Internet Casino System: Online Gambling Business


The most enterprising owners of gambling establishments are always expanding their catalogs of game products. They are looking for international business partners and suppliers to enter new markets. Because if they don’t, someone else will. There have been some recent trends in mobile gaming platforms and sweepstakes that are definitely going to stay with us […]

Main things to know when you are about to develop or buy casino application.


Internet casinos are on the rise. Most of the gamers switched to online gambling today. It is explained by the rapid development of mobile casinos that can be accessed from any location and at any time. Understanding the popularity of this gaming casino program, almost all major online casinos have created mobile applications.  Most of them allow users to download gaming casino software to various operating systems, mainly Android and iOS.

What slots internet software is the most popular among online players?


Online slots are the backbone of any online casino, because slots games platform is the main interest of players. The internet is filled with thousands of different online slots for casino players to choose from. These slots have come a long way through the years, from the mechanical one-armed bandits that filled gaming halls in the past to the interactive slots game platform we know today.